Recknagel History

It all began in 1867

The gunsmith Adolf Recknagel ventures the first step into self-employment, by putting the knowledge he acquired from J.P. Sauer & Son into his own products. In his home town Albrechts (near Suhl in Thuringia) he initially manufactures front- and rear sights, gunlocks and further items for the „Suhler Gun Factories“. With the access of his son and son-in-law, the company now names itself Reitz & Recknagel.


Recknagel Illustration


Christian Recknagel takes over all shares of the company Reitz & Recknagel. Almost at the same time his son establishes the company Erich Recknagel.



both companies cease to exist as a result of the dismantlement by the Russian occupying powers.


In the summer of 1945 Christian Recknagel leaves Thuringia for Schweinfurt, Bavaria, where he at first manufactures post-war items such as spinning wheels, hot-water bottles, ash-trays and other utility articles.



he regains the licence for manufacturing rifle parts.



Christian and Erich Recknagel establish their first company in Western Germany, in a gutted laboratory building on the grounds of the German Gelatine Factory.



With this company, in 1961 Erich Recknagel moves into the rooms of the new company building; at this time Christian Recknagel has already passed away.



Gabriele Recknagel becomes the new owner. Now carried on by the sixth generation G. Recknagel e.K. keeps up business relations to all renowed companies of the rifle industry at home and abroad.



the company is relocated from Schweinfurt to Bergrheinfeld, where a bigger company building provides enough space for a growing number of employees and machinery.



Recknagel launches a new product line. Under the name “ERA-TAC” the company manufactures tactical mounts and accessories for the civil and the military sector.

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