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Deliveries: Deliveries shall be made and services rendered only on our terms and condition of delivery and payment. Our written order confirmation shall be binding. Our quotations shall be subject to change without notice.


Prices: Prices shall apply ex-works excluding packaging and transport insurance. Should there be such increases in the prices of materials, wages, salaries and new taxes that are applicable at the time of acceptance of order, as have led to an increase in costs, we reserve the right to calculate the respective surcharge on the day of delivery.


Terms of payment: Our invoices shall be due for payment latest 14 days of the date of invoice minus 2% cash discount for prompt payment or net within 30 days. Payments shall be used for the oldest claims due for payment. In case of terms of payments that have been agreed exclusively or stipulated by us, only such terms shall apply. Bills of exchange will be conditionally accepted only after prior agreement. In case of non-compliance with deadlines for payment, default interests of 4% in excess of the State’s Central Bank discount shall be paid as from the date of maturity.


Shipment: If not otherwise agreed, goods shall always be shipped by the cheapest possible means. Goods shall always be sent on the account and at the risk of the buyer, also in case of post-paid deliveries.


Delivery time: Given delivery times shall not be binding on us. We reserve the right – whenever necessary – to make partial deliveries. Reservation of ownership rights: Goods supplied by us shall remain our property until full payment and in case of the submission of bills of exchange or checks, until the cashing thereof.


Return shipments: The return shipment of goods shall be undertaken only with our consent and shall be done post-paid and carriage paid. Processing fee shall be charged in accordance with the effort expended.


Place of fulfillment and Legal venue: Place of fulfillment and legal venue for supplies and payments shall be Schweinfurt. Prices specified in our price list do not contain the value added tax; the statutorily mandated rate will be specified separately on the invoice.


We wish to draw attention to the fact that guarantee claims shall be invoked and accepted by us only if the parts are in the original state. Modification or damage shall lead to the loss of all guarantees.

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