Recknagel Zielfernrohrmontagen

A 12.000 times

Our ERAMATIC-swing mounts underwent a long-time endurance test by the DEVA, simulating the shooting load. The test series finished successfully; the mounts showed no signs of change, handling is regarded to be smooth and efficient.


Our swing mounts, manufactured and distributed under the trademark ERAMATIC, not only succeeded in the test procedures, but a thousand and one times also proved themselves a reliable partner on every hunt.


Because of their modular unit construction system, ERAMATIC-swing mounts can be employed on air rifles, bolt action rifles and combined rifles, what makes them an all-rifle-mount. Now have a look at a short version of the most important advantages:


  • modular interchangeability of all components
  • mounting-friendly height-adjustment and windage
  • high user-comfort
  • safety through comprehensibility of function
  • optic integration through low height
  • unique design
  • high quality of manufacturing


To make it easier for you, we already offer complete mounts "ready to go" for all popular rifles. You can choose between several different locking systems, such as our automatic „R6“, the „H7“ with safety lever, the „V8“-patent-lock, the "G9" lock and the G9-PLUS-locking system with pawl cam, which is exceedingly user-friendly.


So please provide the following information when placing a mount order:


  • Make and model of rifle (i.e.: Mauser K 98)
  • Caliber of rifle (i.e.: .300 Winchester Magnum)
  • Scope (i.e.: Schmidt & Bender 3-12x42)
  • Tube diameter (i.e.: 30 mm)
  • Locking system (i.e.: G9-PLUS)



ERAMATIC-swing mounts are available as a two piece mount as well as a one piece mount with dovetail attachments for all popular scopes and red dot sights.


With our TL-swing mounts in extra low height, we managed to reduce the total height to a minimum, already starting at 10,7 mm. Possible height difference is adjusted by spacers. Further treatment isn't needed. Interchangeability of all components also applies to these kind of mounts.


Beside the swing mounts our range also covers a wide selection of tip-off and slide-off mounts, all available as one piece- and two piece mounts. Depending on the model, they can be ordered in a high-grade aluminum version or in full steel.


Our tip-off mounts are provided with a so called counter pressure clamp, which smoothly adjusts tolerances between rifle attachment and mount. Even when repeatedly removing the mount, we guarantee that there won’t be any looseness due to recoil. We would also like to mention our SSK-II-mount with leteral lever. With only one movement of the hand, the mount is locked onto the dovetail attachment of your rifle. Absolute performance and repeatability are guaranteed!


In the hunting and shooting business, Weaver- and Picatinny rails are getting more and more popular. For this purpose we offer a large choice of tip-off mounts. They are available with curled nuts, triangular nuts or with polyform levers, which enable a parallel position of the levers in each final position desired.
Especially suited for using red dot sights with Weaver profile, are our one piece mounts in two different lengths, which can easily be put on the bases of a two piece mount already installed.


High quality Weaver rails, made of aluminium are part of our standard delivery program as well. They simply have to be screwed on the bridge of your rifle.


Now let’s not forget about the classic among the mounts, that is to say the „German Claw Mount“. In the twenties already, this mount, developed in Suhl by local gunsmiths, was manufactured in quantity by Reitz & Recknagel. Even today it still represents an important part of our product range.


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