Adapter rails for mounting Pulsar night vision devices

Recknagel adapterschiene-fuer-HIKMICRO New Products

Thunder, Panther

Part Number: 00088-0337
Recknagel adapterschiene-fuer-InfiRay New Products

for InfiRay
Rico, Saim, Geni

Part Number: 00088-0338
Recknagel adapterschiene-fuer-PARD New Products

for PARD
SA 32/62

Part Number: 0088-0339
Recknagel adapterschiene-fuer-PULSAR New Products

Talion XQ 38, XQ 35 Pro, XG 35

Part Number: 00088-0340

New Picatinny rail for AK47/74

Recknagel picatinny-ak47-1 New Products
Recknagel picatinny-ak47-2 New Products
Recknagel picatinny-ak47-3 New Products
Recknagel picatinny-AK47-AK74 New Products
  • Ideal for using red dot sights
  • Easily inter­change­able with the orig­inal rear sight
  • Absolutely reli­able and stable connec­tion
  • Milled from solid high-grade aluminum
  • Hard anodized according to Mil-Spec Type III
Dimen­sionsWeightPart Number
84x21x11 mm37g57050-003J
Recknagel picatinny-AK47-AK74 New Products

ERATAC Picatinny Mount for Pulsar Night Vision Devices

  • Machined from solid high-grade aluminum
  • Hard anodized, matte black
  • Length 219 mm / 8.5“
  • Height 10 mm / .39“
  • With hexag­onal nuts or with safety levers
Recknagel skizze-pulsar New Products
Recknagel eratac-picatinny-sechskantmutter New Products

With hexag­onal nuts

Part Number: T5170-0010
Recknagel eratac-picatinny-sicherheitshebel New Products

With safety levers

Part Number: T4170-0010